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We've often provided coverage of the massive lists of "big name" companies that are using ColdFusion on their Web sites. I find this to be an excellent example of the health and growth of the ColdFusion industry. One new site alone of course isn't enough to propel ColdFusion forward, but every bit helps. It's certainly good news for all CF developers when a major site gives its stamp of approval to the language by relaunching or adding CF-based areas to its site. The latest in a long line of such sites is FAO Schwartz. Mindseye redesigned its Web site using both ColdFusion and JRun to integrate extensive front- and back-end technologies and workflows to create a new and efficient content management system that links product creation, checkout, and inventory/fulfillment with buyers, catalogs, and image creation. The new site "streamlines FAO's buying, e-commerce, an... (more)

Interview... with Todd Peters of Paper Thin, Inc.

CFDJ: Tell us about PaperThin and what you do. Peters: PaperThin markets and distributes a content management product based completely on ColdFusion - the CommonSpot Content Server. It targets organizations with intranets, Internets, and extranets that have distributed content management needs. CommonSpot enables nontechnical users to publish and manage the content within their site. Ideally, it's for managing the unstructured data within an organization and letting business users create, update, and manage content and its delivery, as well as managing those involved in the publi... (more)

Welcome to the Ultimate Unwired Resource

A few weeks ago I went to my local mall to buy a new cell phone. The old one looked as though it had been through some sort of war, so it was well past the time to replace it. I picked out a model I liked and went over to talk to a salesperson to select the monthly plan that was going to rip me off the least. While complimenting me on my selection, the salesman told me that one "amazing new feature" of that model was that it was a WAP-phone so I could access "the entire Internet over it." He then rattled off several groundbreaking new features ranging from sports scores to movie ... (more)

Cutting Through the Unwired Hype

Marketing hype is everywhere in our lives. It's unavoidable no matter where you go - flipping through television channels, reading newspapers or magazines, or driving along and looking at the billboards on the highway. Now, don't get me wrong; advertising has its place. It shows the market what's out there, and the revenue pays for many goods and services, including the very magazine that you're now holding in your hands. It's not the advertising, itself, that's a problem, but rather the hype in the advertising that's very hard to cut through for those making purchasing decisions... (more)

Wireless Dreams

Beep, beep, beep goes my alarm clock on an average weekday morning. I roll out of bed and pick it up, but I don't just absentmindedly search for the snooze button as I usually do - instead I pick it up and, flipping open the lid, point it at my TV. Through its infrared transmitter I turn it on, and watch a few minutes of the morning news. Realizing it's time to get moving if I'm not going to be late to work, I use it again to turn the TV off, and take it with me to the bathroom, where I turn on the speaker radio, leave it on the counter, and hop into the shower. It gives me my mo... (more)