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In 1977 Bruce Scott, now president and CEO of PointBase, cofounded Oracle, where he was coauthor and coarchitect of Oracle 1, 2, and 3. Many in the industry still think of him as "Scott/Tiger" - the original user name and password for the Oracle database, which still appears throughout Oracle documentation. In 1984 Bruce cofounded Gupta Technology (renamed Centura Software), where he provided database technology leadership for over 10 years. Most recently, Bruce was a founder and principal at inquiry.com. WBT: Tell us about the vision you had when you founded PointBase. What was it you hoped to do? BS: I wanted to allow corporate data to be moved out into the hands of the people that really need it. The end user. I saw a changing world in which people would use other computers besides PCs. These computers would come in a variety of shapes and forms with different chi... (more)

What's Up at Palm?

Interview with Ted Ladd, formerly lead evangelist, Platform Group, Palm, Inc. WBT: Can you tell us a little about the two recent Palm releases - the m100 and the Palm VIIx? TL: Let me answer, if I may, from a platform perspective. (When I say Palm I am including the Palm device business and the Palm licensees team - like Sony, Nokia, Motorola.) Handheld devices right now are separating into two different segments. The first segment is for your grandmother. These are low-cost devices with basic functionality, tried-and-true technologies aimed at people who need handheld computers b... (more)

What a Difference a Year Makes!

As October comes around, it's time for another Macromedia DevCon, generally regarded as the largest gathering of ColdFusion developers each year, along with users of Macromedia's other technologies. The theme of this year's conference, which reflects the strategy we've watched unfold throughout this past year, is clearly one of integration. It's no secret that Macromedia would like to be the provider of all your Web application design and development needs, and many of this year's classes cover just that. For those not wanting to put all their eggs in one basket, however, they re... (more)

This Month... Interrupt

A big part of the lifeblood of a good programming language is its ability to be expanded and built upon by its user community. Java, perhaps the hottest programming language of our day, certainly has this ability, along with many other languages. And CFML is certainly no exception. Extending the language, and sharing code and swappable components, helps foster the one thing all languages strive for - a living, active user community. ColdFusion excels in many ways - the hundreds of Web sites, mailing lists such as CF-Talk and our own CFDJList, and, most of all, Allaire's Developer ... (more)

From Not Enough to Way Too Much

A few weeks ago I traveled abroad and visited London for the first time. Upon arrival I followed the hordes of passengers through the long, winding corridors of Gatwick Airport's International Arrivals terminal. With signs pointing the way and chirpy airport officials ushering us along, I couldn't help but feel like a sheep. Finally we - and about eight other flights - arrived at Immigration. The immigration officials were moving rather fast, stamping passports and welcoming people to glorious England as fast as they arrived. When my turn came I wasn't quite as lucky. I'm not sur... (more)